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AussieJax’ Top Tips for Weddings / Civil Partnerships 1.DRESS   BEFORE   FLOWERS    -   it   is   always   best   to   design   your   flowers   to   compliment   your dress. The   style   and   colour   of   your   wedding   dress   would   determine   the   style   of   flowers   to   best suit. 2.   HAVE   YOUR   VENUE   BOOKED    -   this   way   you   can   talk   to   your   florist   about   possible   ways to   decorate   the   venue   also.   Different   venues   have   different   styles/settings/themes.   The   venue could   be   the   start   of   a   theme   to   carry   out   through   the   whole   of   the   wedding.   This   will   also mean   you   will   have   a   definite   date   for   your   wedding,   which   you   will   need   for   placing   orders with wedding suppliers. 3.   GET   SOME   IDEAS    -   Have   a   look   on   line   or   at   magazines!   Take   some   cuttings,   draw   some pictures,   have   a   swatch   of   material.   You   don't   have   to   have   a   whole   scrapbook   full   of   things, but   it   would   be   good   to   have   something   to   use   as   a   base   to   start   designing   your   flowers.   It could   be   a   picture   of   a   flower,   a   colour,   a   shape   of   a   bouquet   you   like   -   it   could   even   be   a picture   that   could   set   a   theme   for   your   wedding.   Whatever   it   is   you   like   about   something   you see - make a note of it! 4.      COLOUR    -   Peoples   perception   of   colour   are   very   different.      What   you   would   call   a particular   colour,   somebody   else   may   call   it   something   different.      Get   something   to   match   the colour   of   your   wedding.      It   could   be   a   piece   of   ribbon,   material   or   could   even   be   a   paint   chart from   a   DIY   store.      Whatever   it   is   -   have   about   5/6   samples.      Give   one   to   your   florist,   your   cake maker,   whoever   is   helping   with   dresses   or   people   who   are   decorating   your   venue!      If   everyone helping   with   your   wedding   has   a   colour   to   keep   and   work   by   -   you   are   more   likely   to   have everything matching for on the day! 5.   CHECK   OUT   YOUR   FLORIST    -   Do   they   have   qualifications?   Are   they   experienced   in weddings?   Do   they   have   pictures   of   their   work   for   you   to   see?   Check   things   out   before   you commit!   Do   they   have   any   testimonials   from   past   brides?   Make   sure   you   are   happy   with everything!   Every   part   of   your   wedding   needs   to   be   perfect   and   you   need   to   be   able   to   trust and   put   confidence   into   a   trade   that   they   will   deliver,   whatever   they   are   booked   for,   for   your special day! Contact AussieJax to book your FREE consultation! Any more questions? – then please give me a call! I’m happy to help!