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Special Little Extras If   your   having   some   flowers   delivered,   why   not   make   your   gift   even   more special   with   a   'special   little   extra'!      AussieJax   sells   Teddies,   Balloons   and Boxes of Chocolates that you could send with your flowers!  Teddies We   have   different   soft   toys   in   stock   and   they   are   changing   all   the   time   so please ask to see what we have in. Prices start from £3. Boxes of Chocolates We   generally   have   Dairy   Milk   or   Dairy   Box   chocolates   in   stock.      Please ask for details.  Prices start from £6. Balloons We   stock   a   selection   of   18’’   foil   helium   balloons.     Anything   and   everything from   Happy   Birthday, Anniversary,   New   Home,   New   Baby   and   Good   Luck.     We   also   stock   characters   balloons   for   the   kids   such   as   Pokemon,   Disney Princesses   and   Football   club   balloons   too.      Have   your   balloon   tied   to   your flowers   or   you   could   have   it   presented   in   a   box   -   you   choose!      Balloons are   £4.50   each   filled.      Balloon   bouquets   are   also   available   starting   at   £25.     Please enquire for details. Candles As   a   little   extra   its   lovely   to   sometimes   send   a   little   extra   present.      We have in stock scented candles.  Prices start from £2. Glass Vases Why   not   have   your   flowers   already   arranged   in   a   vase!      Different   vases available.      We   will   be   happy   to   discuss   what   vase   would   best   suit   your chosen flowers. Gift Bags We   have   in   stock   gift   bags   in   a   range   of   colours.      Big   enough   for   your   little extras,   gift   bags   come   with   coloured   tissue   to   match   to   wrap   them   up   too for that extra surprise! Prices   and   stock   vary,   so   ask   about   what   is   available   at   the   time   of   your order.