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10th August 2016 AussieJax is proud to announce that we are sponsors of the Fairy Fund!  A group of Fairies that do fundraising events to raise awareness and money for local charities in Southampton.  Very excited to be part of it!  The first event takes place Saturday 20th August 1.30-3.30pm at Mansel Park Paviliion in Millbrook, Southampton!  Come along and show your support!  For more info - check out their Facebook page! :)  https://www.facebook.com/fairyfund/
23rd November 2015 I did something amazing!  Always wanted to do it and now I finally have!  I went to my local city centre in Southampton and gave people flowers!  Just something to make someone smile!  Each bunch had a little message from me on them and I gave them to random people whilst I was out and about!  The response has been fantastic!  Check out the film of what happened!  :) 
19th January 2017 AussieJax has done another video!  A short one to show some of my gorgeous flower followers of my work!  Enjoy! x :) x
19th January 2017 AussieJax now has a blog!  Follow the blog for up to date goings on for AussieJax! http://pre-tech.me.uk/aussiejaxblog/