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Fresh Flower Orders If   it's   for   a   Birthday,   Anniversary,   Get   Well,   Sorry   your   leaving,   New   Baby, Congratulations,    Wedding    Day    -   AussieJax    can    help    you!        Bouquets, Handtieds,   Aqua   Handtieds,   Arrangements,   Baskets,   Flowers   in   a   vase AND more!  Local delivery service is available. If   you   would   like   to   send   someone   a   very   special   gift   -   send   flowers! Nothing   can   put   a   smile   on   someones   face   likes   flowers!   That's   one   of   the perks of my job - giving someone flowers and seeing them smile! Contact    AussieJax    directly    to    place    on    order    for    your    flowers    to    be collected or locally delivered. GALLERY - FRESH FLOWER ORDERS