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Flower Wall We   now   have   available   to   hire   an   Flower   Wall!      All   pictures   and   prices are   for   artificial   flowers,   however   it   can   made   with   fresh   flowers   too.      For fresh   flowers,   please   enquire   as   this   will   require   a   little   chat   first   and   then a   quote.      We   are   very   excited   to   now   have   this   available   for   your   special events!      Our   wall   has   been   made   in   such   a   way,   we   can   adapt   them   to     suit your requirements for your event. A   flower   wall   could   be   used   as   a   gorgeous   backdrop   to   sit   behind   the happy   couple,   used   as   a   backdrop   to   be   used   for   photos   or   depending on   your   venue,   it   could   be   used   to   cover   an   area   that   you   do   not   want   to be seen. Our   flower   wall   is   free   standing.      The   frame   has   been   specially   made   for us   and   has   been   made   to   be   stable   with   security   measures   in   place   to make   it   as   safe   as   possible.      The   flower   wall   can   be   set   up   in   different sizes   and   our   stand   has   been   made   specially   to   be   adapted   to   cater different sized flower walls. Each   flower   is   put   in   place   once   the   main   wall   has   been   set   up   on   site. This   way,   if   you   would   like   to   add   another   flower   type   or   flower   colour   - you   can!      We   have   set   out      a   basic   price   list   for   artificial   flowers   in   ivory   to give you a start. Our   flower   wall   can   be   adapted   to   currently   cater   3   different   sized   walls.     The   flower   wall   stands   approx   2.3m   (7.6ft)   high   and   is   available   in   3 different lengths. The   flowers   walls   in   the   pictures   have   been   made   to   it   maximum   size   of 7.6ft    high    x    11.6ft    wide.        The    flowers    used    are    Cherry    Blossom, Hydrangeas and David Austin Roses.  Prices    include    hire    of    the    flower    wall,    flowers,    stands,    set    up    and breakdown   after   your   event.      There   would   be   an   added   cost   to   cover travelling.      The   amount   would   be   dependant   on   where   your   event   is   from where we are based in Southampton. Added   options   are   also   available   if   you   wish!      You   can   add   different coloured   flowers   to   match   the   colour   theme   of   your   event.      You   can   have drapes   across   the   top   and   down   the   sides   to.      You   could   just   have   more flowers! This   is   a   picture   of   a   full   set   up.      From   this   you   can   see   it   would   be   big enough   for   group   photos   as   well   as   couples.      The   flower   wall   in   this photo can be hired out for £295 including set up and breakdown.
1.75m (6ft) 2.6m (8ft) 3.5m (11.6ft  
Contact AussieJax for a no obligation quote specified to your needs! Any more questions? – then please give me a call!  I’m happy to help!