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Terms & Conditions for Chair Cover Hire. Chair   covers   are   spandex   only   and   are   available   in   white   or   black.      This   will   be   confirmed   in   your booking. The   sashes   on   the   chair   covers   and   table   runners   will   be   a   colour   of   your   choice.      We   have   over 30 colours available for you to choose from.  This will be confirmed in your booking. The   chair   covers,   sashes   and   table   runners   will   be   available   for   hire   use   only.      They   are   not   for keeps. A   non-refundable   deposit   of   20%   of   the   order   total   will   be   required   for   confirmation   of   your booking.      This   will   be   deducted   from   the   overall   price.      Payment   in   full   will   be   required   2   weeks before the date of your event. A    refundable    deposit    of    £50    will    be    required    (in    addition    to    your    booking    deposit)    when booking.      This   is   given   back   to   you   after   the   event   on   the   safe   return   of   all   hired   items.      Any items   lost   or   returned   damaged,   will   have   the   cost   equivalent   deducted   from   this   deposit   before it is returned to you. The   named   person   on   the   booking   is   responsible   for   hired   items   and   will   be   liable   for   any   lost   or damaged items. Hired   items   will   need   to   be   returned   or   ready   for   collection   from   your   chosen   venue   the   day after   the   event.      For   DIY   options,   late   return   of   hired   items   will   incur   additional   charges   of   80p per   chair   cover   for   each   day   late   and   20p   per   sash,   unless   a   returned   date   has   already   been agreed with AussieJax when booked. For   DIY   options,   collection   and   drop   off   times   will   take   place   between   10am   -   4pm   and   will   need to be arranged and agreed before the date of the event taking place. For events not local to Southampton, there will be a delivery charge to cover for traveling. For   DIY   options,   AussieJax   will   not   be   able   to   send   chair   covers   or   sashes   via   post   to   you.      They will need to be collected and returned in person from where we are based in Southampton.